Anonymous said: Are you still active?

i’m not, but i think others might be not sure

- valencea

Anonymous said: do you tweak themes for free? (i would give you my log in info)

it’s completely free :)

neonchills said: Can you please tweak my theme for me? I just want something to add on my blog. x

please be more specific 

what-she-wanted said: hi! love your blog, really helpful! i was wondering if you could tell me how to link to my "ask me anything" page with the ville noir acne theme. thanks so much!

use this code:

<a href=”/ask”>Ask me anything!</a>

- sabrina

Anonymous said: how do you add vertical lines

please be more specific

its-laurens-life said: how can i add a column to my tumblr?

it’s different for each theme so it’s hard to explain

freedomtowish said: Hi there (: I was wondering if you could help me tweak my theme? :O

please specify what you’d like to be tweaked x

gemify said: hai , can you tweak my theme so that it has the same reblog appearance as the one in chronicle v.2 by atlasdesigns? like, i want it to go up and not down? xx

which theme are you currently using love? 

mountainchaser said: okay you guys seem super sweet c: so i was wondering if you could add a little "goodies" section with network+updates+quote of the day all together onto my blog like this theme pearls(.)tumblr(.)com if you can help me out i'd really appreciate it! thank you c:

I’ve just made a tutorial for that, here :)

- carley (florallish)

Slide out tab from left

STEP 1: Paste this code before </style>

STEP 2: Paste this code under <body> then fill in the information 

Credits to sppice for coding

Please like this post if you’re using this tutorial or found it helpful

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1 year ago

surf-n-swerve said: hey! please I really really need heeeelp!! could you tweak my theme for me ?? :D <3

please specify what you want tweaked x

Anonymous said: Hi. How can I have a border to my posts just like lagerfields'. (My theme is Narnia.)

we have a tutorial on that :)

- sabrina

vanilla--froth-deactivated20131 said: hi! i was wondering if you could help me, on my blog, the header covers the posts which is fine for the home page. but, it also covers majority of the ask box on my ask page and i was just wondering if there was any way for that to be moved down so that the header wouldn't cover it. thanks so much for your help!

it looks fine to us, but if it ever happens again, you can try adding this in:


change 200 accordingly.

- sabrina

adoruhble said: hi (: so i used your tutorial on how to put a banner on a non banner theme, and it worked, but i can't change the size of it (its quite big!!) and i have changed the width and it still hasn't made a difference :/

you can change the width from “width=”700”” to a smaller number, or if that doesn’t work, try using an image resizer. xx

- sabrina (rawcoast)

Anonymous said: hi, how do you lessen the space between columns? thanks c:

i think we have a tutorial on that already hun xx

- sabrina

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